The first time for the Enel X ETCR charger

The first time for the Enel X ETCR charger

Tuesday, 03 November 2020

The ETCR official test at Vallelunga was also the first occasion to use the be-spoke charger developed for ETCR by Enel X. 

“Enel X’s role as official smart charging supplier for ETCR confirms once again the Company’s constant commitment to innovation in cutting-edge technologies, sustainability and safety, and further underscores our drive to become a leading player in the eMotorsport sector, bringing our advanced solutions to circuits worldwide,” said Michele Cecchini, Head of e-Motorsport at Enel X. “The very demanding and unique environment of ETCR, requires high performance and the most relevant and solid expertise in the electrification field. The development and testing program set up with our latest technologies strives to ensure the full flexibility and reliability of our solutions. The Enel X team is glad to join forces with WSC, the organization behind ETCR, to help make this project become a reality. We are especially pleased that we have been exclusively entrusted with everything related to charging. Thanks to WSC’s forward thinking and fully committed approach, the project will redefine the entire electric motorsports category.”

Picture: WSC/Fastclick

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