Romeo Ferraris exhibits the Giulia ETCR at New Mobility Messina

Romeo Ferraris exhibits the Giulia ETCR at New Mobility Messina

Saturday, 31 December 2022

The Giulia ETCR of Romeo Ferraris was a special guest at "New Mobility Messina", the event held in Sicily from 15 to 18 December to promote the mobility of the future.

The exhibition itinerary of New Mobility Messina was set up in the pedestrian area of ​​Viale San Martino and Piazza Cairoli, with inauguration taking place in the presence of the mayor Federico Basile, the deputy mayor Salvatore Mondello and the president of ATM, Giuseppe Campagna.

The Giulia ETCR by Romeo Ferraris was exhibited in the area dedicated to electric motorsport, but the event also included the latest hybrid and electric generation of cars and motorcycles, with the possibility of trying out electric scooter bikes, scooters, e-bikes and professional driving simulators.

Michela Cerruti, Romeo Ferraris Team Principal, said: "When racing is over, it's nice to keep interest alive with an event like New Mobility Messina, which we were pleased to attend by exhibiting the Giulia ETCR. This project is the main calling card of our company, the most evident demonstration of our engineering and sporting skills and has allowed us in these two years to fight on equal terms against two giants of the automotive industry.”


Picture: Romeo Ferraris

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