First laps at Vallelunga for the Giulia ETCR by Romeo Ferraris

First laps at Vallelunga for the Giulia ETCR by Romeo Ferraris

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

The Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR by Romeo Ferraris has hit the track for the first time. In the third ETCR official test of the year, at Vallelunga, the Italian car has joined the Hyundai Veloster N and the CUPRA e-Racer for a three-day session.
Technical director Mario Ferraris successfully shook down the Giulia yesterday, after the integration of the ETCR kit was completed on Sunday, to check that all systems and software were working properly.
Today, Ferraris drove again in the morning and then left the wheel to Stefano Coletti, the first driver signed by Romeo Ferraris to race in the PURE ETCR who carried on with the test.

“We are very proud to be part of this historical moment for motorsport, the switch of touring car racing to the electric power. It’s an all-new challenge for our company and we are very motivated to take it up,” Mario Ferraris said. “We wish to thank WSC, Williams Advanced Engineering and Magelec for their invaluable support that helped us to design and develop the Giulia. We were able to complete the integration of the ETCR kit without any issues and yesterday when I drove the car for the first time, I was delighted to discover that everything was working. On top of this, I was amazed to realize that the car is really fun to drive and also very fast. For me it was kind of rediscovering the touring cars of years ago, with the real-wheel drive… although the engine is very different…”

Picture: WSC/ETCR

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