FIA ETCR to plant one tree for every kilometre driven

FIA ETCR to plant one tree for every kilometre driven

Thursday, 13 October 2022

The FIA ETCR eTouring Car World Cup will support EARTHDAY.ORG’s The Canopy Project by planting a tree for every single kilometre driven at its six events over the course of the 2022 season as part of its #TransitionInMotion CSR programme.

FIA ETCR aims to promote greater sustainability and highlight the excitement of electric mobility and the positive effect it can have on the environment worldwide. On the top of that it is only one of three FIA series to hold three stars in the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme.

Over the course of the 2022 FIA ETCR season, 1855 laps were completed at the six race events which equates to a total of 6638 kilometres completed between the thirteen drivers and three teams contesting the series.

These laps are completed in the FIA ETCR eTouring cars, which are the most powerful touring cars ever created. The electricity for the eTouring cars is generated through HTWO hydrogen fuel cell generators, using the greenest hydrogen available, with water the only by-product.

The Canopy Project is a global reforestation programme that has already planted tens of millions of trees since its inception. Last year alone, 1.2 million trees were planted in Canada, India, Mexico, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, and Europe. Local community benefits for such projects include increased income and nutrition, agricultural training and extra flood protection.

Kathleen Rogers, EARTHDAY.ORG President said: “As a part of EARTHDAY.ORG’s theme for Earth Day 2022, Invest In Our Planet, we are focusing on innovative technologies and solutions that build new green economies while protecting the world’s ecosystems. We are excited to partner with FIA ETCR to grow awareness for the push towards increasing electromobility and highlight electric vehicles as a sustainable technological solution.”


Picture: FIA ETCR

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