Farfus: The days in Vallelunga were a very positive step!

Farfus: The days in Vallelunga were a very positive step!

Tuesday, 03 November 2020

At Vallelunga, Hyundai Motorsport ETCR test driver Augusto Farfus completed a huge number of laps without any technical issue. At the wheel of the Veloster N ETCR, Farfus may benefit from his vast experience, and especially from last year's participation in the WTCR with the Hyundai i30 N TCR. 

“It’s always nice to get behind the wheel, especially with the Veloster N ETCR as we are learning about the car and the systems with every run. Of course, while it’s great for me as a driver, the main focus was on the technical side. As the first ETCR car fitted with the WAE batteries and full specification e-kit it was the first chance for us at Hyundai Motorsport – as well as for the ETCR suppliers – to begin to see how everything worked together on a proper track. There’s a lot of work still to do, as you’d expect after only one test, but the days in Vallelunga were a very positive step,” said the Brazilian.

“The Veloster N ETCR is a completely different car compared to the combustion engine TCR cars. The ETCR car is rear-wheel-drive, and the electric motors are mounted in the middle of the car. That massively moves the weight distribution compared to a standard TCR, so you have to make big adjustments to your driving style and to the set-up to get the best from it. As an electric car the acceleration is very, very strong, which I could really notice out of some of the slow corners at Vallelunga. ETCR cars will be fun to drive in competition, so hopefully I can be part of that after the experience from testing,” Farfus concluded.


Picture: WSC/Fastclick

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