ETCR to be powered by hydrogen-fueled HTWO Generator

ETCR to be powered by hydrogen-fueled HTWO Generator

Thursday, 17 June 2021

WSC is proud to announce that the HTWO Fuel Cell Generator is the zero-emission power source for the ETCR, the first multi-brand touring car racing category.
The HTWO Fuel Cell Generator consists of fuel cell system which generates electricity using hydrogen as fuel.
This mobile generator powered by two-fuel cell system can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with an output of 160kW.
HTWO has proved its own fuel cell technology as a power generator and has recently joint efforts with LS Electric, H2sys and GRZ for the fuel cell power generation.
The company has the ambitious plan to apply fuel cell technology for various sources such as ships, trains and Urban Air Mobility beyond automobiles and power generator.

WSC President Marcello Lotti said: “We are obviously very proud of this collaboration, because since the very beginning of the ETCR project we were looking for a zero-emission power source for feeding the ETCR chargers. The hydrogen-fueled HTWO Fuel Cell Generator is the perfect solution, and we are grateful to HTWO for believing in ETCR and becoming part of this programme. Thanks to this cooperation we can proudly say that ETCR is one of the cleanest categories in motorsport.” 

Sae Hoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Fuel Cell Center, Hyundai Motor Company, said: “It is a significant milestone for Hyundai Motor Group that our fuel cell generator will play a key role in the charging infrastructure for high-performance racing cars at ETCR, as it heralds an exciting new era in the world of motorsports. Through this cooperation, we hope to relay a message that hydrogen and electric energy solutions will coexist as the power sources of future mobility.”

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