Jordi Gené keeps on testing the CUPRA e-Racer ETCR

Jordi Gené keeps on testing the CUPRA e-Racer ETCR

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The CUPRA Racing team continues testing to develop the CUPRA e-Racer, the first electric Touring Car built in compliance with the technical regulations of the upcoming ETCR series. Jordi Gené is the driver in charge of the programme.

"Everything is new and to understand it well you have to take a step back, not taking anything for granted regardless of the experience you have. I didn’t know the technology we are working with and there are many new things, such as the car emitting smoke while cooling down. You have to know what is happening, because managing the temperatures is one of the most difficult tasks. There are other things that are shocking at the beginning, like the acceleration. It is brutal and the driver must be prepared for such a power,” Gené explains.

"Now I understand certain things better. For example, things my brother Marc, Ferrari F1 test driver, told me about his work with KERS. The problems they had at the beginning in its setup, when the cars locked while braking or retained so much that they spun. Until the tuning was finished, the technology was difficult to manage. I am lucky to be involved in this, as I am able to learn things that other drivers won’t discover until later. There is still a lot of work ahead, not just set-up, but also management to facilitate the work of the driver and engineers. We are now close to have the necessary range and thanks to CUPRA’s technology, very soon the ETCR will provide spectacular races for electric touring cars."

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